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Gear List

A selection of vintage and modern gear and instruments available at Marc's recording and mixing studio in Melbourne.


Neumann TLM67
dpa 4099

Sontronics Omega Valve Condenser

Studio Projects C3 Multi-pattern Condenser

2x Samar AL95
Shure SM7b

beyerdynamic m201

beyerdynamic m101

3x Blue Hummingbird

2x NUDE Small Diaphragm Condenser

1x NUDE Blumlein Stereo Ribbon

1x Sennheiser e602

1x Sennheiser e906

1x SeElectronics v7

1x SeElectronics v7x

2x Shure SM57

1x Shure SM58

1x Sony ECM-30 '70s Electret condensor


8x JDK Preamps (Built by API)
2x GAP 573

2x HRK MPQ586C

4x RME Preamps

8x Focusrite Scarlett Preamps


1x dbx 560a

2x Lindell 7x-500 1176 clone

1x JLM LA500a LA3a clone

FX & misc

60s AKAI reel-to-reel tape machine

Neutrik patch bays

Heritage Audio hi-res Bluetooth receiver

Furman PL-8C E power conditioning

Source Audio Nemesis delay pedal

Caroline Meteore reverb pedal

Bogner Harlow compressor pedal

Moog Minifooger drive pedal

TC Desktop FX units

Other effects pedals from Boss, tc electronic, etc.

KALI IN-8 monitors, Avantone MixCube




Sennheiser HD650

Sennheiser HD215

DirectSound EX29 PLUS

M6 PRO In-Ear Monitors

64 Audio A12T In-Ear Monitors


70's Ovation Preacher USA Made

Gibson USA Melody Maker

60's Teisco MIJ

Eastwood Baritone Deluxe

Epiphone ES-335 Dot Studio

Breedlove USA Made 6-String Dreadnought

Artist Nylon 6-string solid top

Fender P-Bass

Yamaha Modded Rubber-Bridge Acoustic

MIDI Controllers

Axiom Pro 61

Novation LaunchPad


Custom Rack-mount PC (16-core 4.6GHz, 32GB RAM)

Latest versions: Avid Pro Tools and Ableton Live

Full plugin bundle from FabFilter, Soundtoys and Plugin Alliance, various plugins from Waves, iZotope, Antares, and more

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